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Virtual Doctor Visits for Patients in Missouri and Kansas


Schedule a Virtual Doctor Visit with Revive & Thrive Telehealth

Do you tire of long waiting times at the doctor’s office or the inability to see your doctor quickly? If so, then Revive and Thrive Telehealth can help. We offer virtual doctor visit services for patients in Missouri.

How a Telehealth Visit Works

When you use Revive and Thrive Telehealth for a virtual dr. visit, you first schedule your appointment time. You’ll quickly receive an email on how to download our HIPPA-compliant app. When your appointment time arrives, our doctor will get in touch with you via either audio or video. Most appointments only take 15 minutes, and our doctor can quickly call in the medicine you need.

Why Telehealth Matters

While you may have a primary physician you like to see, a visit to your doctor might require scheduling an appointment weeks ahead of time, and you might have to deal with long waits in the lobby and expensive fees for a simple visit.

Telehealth takes all that hassle and expense away. Instead, you can often see a telehealth doctor quickly and comfortably from your own home or work. And at Revive and Thrive Telehealth, you only pay a $70 flat fee (single visit) or $50 per month subscription fee, which is convenient for those without insurance or who don’t want to use insurance. You’ll get a necessary diagnosis and treatment plan along with lower costs — all at the same time.

What We Offer

With our virtual doctor visit services, we treat all patients five years old and above. We provide quality telehealth services for a variety of medical issues such as eye infections, insomnia, and hemorrhoids. All telehealth visits are HIPPA-compliant, and while we don’t require insurance, we are happy to use FSA or HSA accounts if you prefer.

Schedule a Virtual Doctors Visit with Revive & Thrive Telehealth!

If you want to schedule a virtual doctor visit, call us at 417-680-7060 or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to treating you!