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Weight Loss Help at Your Fingertips

At Revive and Thrive Telehealth, we understand that much of the population, at some point in their lives, will have questions or concerns about their weight and how it impacts their overall health.

You’re not alone.

“When I asked my primary doctor for help losing weight, he just told me to “eat less and be more active.”  I left his office feeling discouraged and alone. For years I continued to struggle with yoyo dieting, obesity, and low self-esteem. After adding supervised medicinal weight loss to my routine, I was able to control my hunger cravings, and make real progress!” -Kristina

Although daily food choices and living an active lifestyle are very important to maintaining a desirable weight, some people can benefit from additional help.

It can be dangerous to seek treatment for medicinal weight loss on your own.

Many over-the-counter weight loss supplements contain ingredients that can have long-lasting damaging effects on your body. It’s very important to consult a professional for guidance when beginning any new health system, program, or drug.

Revive & Thrive can get you on track with a plan that can help you achieve REAL results, in a controlled and safe environment.


How easy is it to get started with Revive and Thrive?

STEP 1: Consultation

-Be prepared to take your blood pressure/heart rate and go over recent lab work.  This helps your provider choose the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Note: If you do not have any recent lab work, Revive and Thrive can order this.


STEP 2: Follow-up virtual visits with Shelby.

-Revive and Thrive providers will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, answer any questions you have, and go over directions with you. You can expect 24/7 access to your Revive and Thrive provider and monthly follow ups.


It’s that easy!

Above are examples of medicines our patients have seen success with. Some treatments being long term/others being short, after our consultation we’ll be able to determine what’s best specifically for you.

Patients that have achieved success with Revive & Thrive Telehealth weight loss prescriptions.

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